Nina-Simone Beaver | Volunteer

I’m not sure about you, but if I got the chance to be 8 years old for the day, I would do it to experience USLI’s Children’s Holiday Party. Being able to host a child was a rewarding experience. I had the pleasure of hosting a fourth-grader named Nonkululeko. Nonkululeko’s name is Zulu for “freedom,” but we called her Noku for short. Noku was the perfect guest; she was smart, sassy and entertaining. She had nothing but great energy since we first greeted each other! The first thing we did was grab breakfast and sit with her friend. We chatted about school and how excited she was to be at the party. We then took pictures, decorated cookies, danced and got her face painted. She got glittered rainbow lion painted on her face — a perfect expression of her bold and unique personality. Noku truly did enjoy her time at the Children’s Holiday Party, and having the opportunity to share that with her was a gift in and of itself.  Because of this wonderful experience, I recommend to all fellow College Help to be sure to sign up to be a host for the Children’s Holiday Party once the holidays roll back around! Not only will you be able to host a great kid, but the few hours you spend there will be fun and pure nostalgia.

Written by: Keona Green